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The journey of a 21st century medicine woman

Dr K. St John has helped thousands of patients struggling through life transitions and chronic illness find sustained health, mental clarity and emotional balance. She has devoted nearly 20 years to spreading health and happiness throughout the world. 

Dr K's Healing Story

As a child, Doctor K suffered with a disorder that baffled physicians and went undiagnosed for years.  She missed a month of school, lost 30 pounds, struggled with fatigue and had no bowel movements for three weeks.  Diagnostic labs, gastrointestinal imaging and physical exams reflected perfect health, but something was obviously wrong.  It wasn't until she was in her early 20's that she fully recovered from Seasonal Affective Disorder with help from an Ayurvedic practitioner and Licensed Acupuncturist.  

Doctor K's personal healing journey inspired her to help others find hope, health and medicine that works. 

Over 20 Years of Practice & Study
  • Since the age of fourteen, Dr K. has dedicated her life to healing and exploring the world of medicine. Her journey has led her to work alongside both medical experts and indigenous healers from Finland, UK, China, USA (Yupik, Hopi, Lakota), Costa Rica, India & New Zealand.

6 Years of Graduate School
  • Doctor of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine (DACM)

  • Nationally Board Certified (Dipl.OM, NCCAOM)

  • Licensed medical provider in the U.S.  (L.Ac)

  • Post-graduate training & hospital rotations in China

  • Research-based Graduate Certificate (Integrative Medicine)


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