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Aerospace Acupuncture

On a trip to NASA, Dr K. met Astronaut Don Thomas and jokingly asked if his crew had acupuncture in space. The thought of astronauts floating with needles seemed comical, but Rick replied quite serious, "No, but we should. So many of us have back pain when we return. If it can help, why not?"

Dr K. began exploring international space programs (China, Russia, France) that have already used acupuncture therapies successfully. After reviewing a significant amount of scientific literature, she came to the conclusion that Acupuncture Therapies may play a critical role in preventing and treating the most common health risks associated with short and long term space travel.

Current Research Suggests

Acupuncture Therapies:

  • Strengthen & Build Bone

  • Enhance the Immune System

  • Protect against Radiation

  • Improve Physical Performance

  • Benefit Cognitive Function

Dr K. founded Aerospace Acupuncture to provide safe, natural treatment options for International Space Station (ISS) crew members and future commercial space passengers. Aerospace Acupuncture research, treatment protocols and educational materials will be released in 2025. Space Medicine, The New Frontier.

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