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Updated: Nov 10, 2018

Ancient tribes from nearly every continent have used honey as a rich, nutritional source. It's medicinal use dates back nearly 5,000 years. Honey is listed in the Materia Medica among 400 of the most important plants, minerals and animal substances used in herbal treatments by East Asian Medicine (EAM) doctors. Traditional Ayurveda texts also regard honey as a medicinal food, indicating that it supports the function of all organs in the body.

Scientific research supports the claims. Honey has unique medicinal and nutritional properties.

The Benefits are Vast.

Honey offers safe, effective therapeutic results without the side effects.

Common Medicinal Uses. Laxative, a demulcent (soothes inflamed membranes), an emollient (reduces cough), a moistening agent to relieve dry throat and mouth.

Conditions Treated: Cough, upper respiratory infections, allergies, constipation, dry skin, stomach pain, burns, enhances function of the immune system, used to reduce toxic properties of specific medicinal herbs.

Nutritional Benefits.

Evidence has shown that pollen in raw, unpasteurized honey contains all 22 amino acids, 28 minerals, 11 enzymes, 14 fatty acids and 11 carbohydrates. Scientific literature also suggests:

  • Honey reduces blood sugar levels and prevents excessive weight gain

  • Reduces total cholesterol; improves lipid metabolism

  • Enhances insulin sensitivity that stabilizes blood glucose levels; protects the pancreas from over-stimulation brought on by insulin resistance (Diabetes Mellitus)

  • Reduces oxidative stress, which may help prevent Metabolic Syndrome

  • Protects blood vessels from endothelial dysfunction

Verify the source and processing methods to ensure you're getting the highest quality. Support your neighborhood bees and buy local.

2 million flowers

+ 55,000 miles

1 pound of honey

Bees dedicate their short lives to making the world a better place. Every flower they touch spreads life. Each drop of honey has the potential to heal and nourish animals. That is powerful medicine.

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