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Boost Fertility with Acupuncture

Growing Healthy Babies . Top 5 Fertility Boosting Tips

Whether you're just starting or have been trying to conceive for years, research confirms that weekly Acupuncture significantly improves pregnancy rates (both alone and in conjunction with western medicine interventions). Studies also show acupuncture therapies improve fertility rates in those struggling with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, tubal infertility, ovulatory disorder and other factors.

Most Acupuncturists create a care plan based on your specific needs. In addition to acupuncture, treatments may include:


Medicinal foods specific to your body type can boost fertility, in addition to improving mood, sleep, digestion and boosting energy. Eat warm, cooked foods (think bone broth based soups and stews) and room temperature or warm drinks (hot water with lemon and herbal teas). A nutritional consult with HTMA hair sample and a Mediated Release Test help to determine which foods are best to boost fertility and offer detailed dietary food plans.


Taking a Chinese herbal formula improves the rate of pregnancy twofold according to recent clinical data reported from a meta-analysis of forty randomized controlled trials involving 4247 women. There are over 300 medicinal herbs used in East Asian Medicine, and the best fertility formula is a combination of these herbs selected specifically for you. Your needs may change from week to week based on symptoms and where you're at in your cycle. Daily doses of herbal medicine not only improve pregancy rates, but also help to support your emotional and mental health on the journey to parenthood.


Our body temperature is often overlooked when it comes to fertility optimization, but it's extremely important. Feeling too cold or too warm offers important information about your endocrine and vascular systems. When monitoring basal body temperature, you should see your temperature rise during ovulation by 0.5–1°F on average to 97–98°F (36.1–36.6°C), but it's also important to pay attention to how you feel as well. If you have cold hands and feet, feel cold all over, or frequently warm it's important to investigate further and address underlying causes to improve fertility.

Moxibustion is a beneficial form of heat therapy used for centuries to enhance fertility.

Infrared heat therapy and moxibustion are often used during acupuncture treatments to promote fertility. Moxibustion is a treatment that utilizes a medicinal herb (artemisia vulgaris) to produce heat on or over specific anatomical locations of the body. Studies found that moxa increases the chance of conception by increasing the thickness of the endometrium, improving blood perfusion in the uterus, and improving endometrial receptivity.


Turn on some good music and get your pelvis swaying to promote blood flow into the uterus. With your knees shoulder width apart and slightly bent, rhythmically move your hips in circles to the right, left and in figure eight patterns. Practice daily.

Shaking your tail is a signature Dr K. move recommended for fertility, menstrual cramps, low back and hip pain to increase circulation into the urogenital area while also boosting joy. Pain and infertility can be a bummer. On days when you need a boost, imagine you have the most beautiful tail and start shaking it. Yes, you may feel ridiculous... but, it's nearly impossible to wag your tail without smiling. Bring joy back into your life. Play. Let that spark boost your mood, bring more blood flow, and help with baby making.


Creating life can be fun, but after months of trying... stress and anxiety easily creep in. When the body undergoes stress, the breath rate tends to increase and the ability to get deep, full breaths into our lower abdomen decreases. So, make sure to take a few times throughout the day to dedicate taking deep, full belly breaths that push fresh oxygen rich blood into your pelvis to make room for your beautifuly baby.



  1. Get your personalized Care Plan to determine the best road map for your fertility journey. Schedule an Appointment with a medical expert today!

  2. Find out the best Fertility Foods for your body type. Get access to labs that test essential minerals, metabolism, heavy metals (HTMA) and identify reactive foods that may be causing chronic inflammation (MRT). While you're waiting for lab results, get started today with Dr K's list of Fertility Foods for Mama & Baby.

  3. Stay warm. Keep your belly, neck, and feet warm at all times (especially those living in cooler climates like Alaska ; ). Soak in some moxa and infrared heat therapy.

  4. Belly Dance, Shake Your Tail & Remember to play through the hard times. Remember you're not alone and you have support. We're here for you and are just a text or phone call away (whether you need a quick pick me up or an extended session).

  5. Breathe Deep. Inhale deep into your low abdomen/womb and exhale any & all stress. Practice daily, as many times as you can remember. Check out our patients' favorite fertility breath meditation by Dr K. - Spirit Well


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