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TONICS + TEAS for Fertility


Fertility Tonics + Teas have been used by various cultures for millennia to enhance fertility and nourish healthy babies. Here are a few of our fertility favorites:

CHASTEBERRY (Vitex agnus castus)

also known as chaste tree, maintains healthy levels of luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), which play an important role in ovulation and fertility. It's also known to reduce prolactin, a hormone that increases in people experiencing stress.

This tonic is best for those with a slow transition from estrogen to progesterone at ovulation. Not sure what's happening with your cycle? A complete hormone panel and Dutch Test offer the best insights on your hormone health and happenings.

Chasteberry can be a potent fertility herb, but it's not for everyone. Once you know it's right for you, take only until you become pregnant and avoid taking during pregnancy.

Therapeutic Actions: Anti-inflammatory, releases dopamine and natural opioids in the brain and body (dopaminergic/opioidergic), protects the liver (hepatoprotective),and suppresses the growth of malignant cells into surrounding tissue (antiproliferative).

MACA ROOT (Lepidium meyenii)

Rich in vitamins and minerals, maca root is known to promote fertility in both men and women. It's most commonly found in a powder form that can be added to soups, stews and smoothies.

Foraged and cultivated in Peru for centuries, Maca Root has a long history of medicinal use for boosting energy, increasing libido, enhancing fertility and improving health. This root veggie is a nutrient-rich powerhouse that contains both iron and iodine. And guys... Clinical trials showed efficacy of maca on sexual dysfunctions, in addition to increasing sperm count and motility!

We often recommend this to our older mamas wanting to maintain peak fertility and may be nearing perimenopause.

Maca not only helps maintain peak fertility, but also eases the transition to menopause with fewer symptoms (hot flashes, headaches, insomnia, etc).

We've helped a lot of mamas in the their 40's naturally conceive with a combo of acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, maca root, Chi Nei Tsang (medical abdominal massage) and dietary therapy.

Therapeutic Action: Adaptogenic

Additional Benefits: Osteoporosis, benign prostatic hyperplasia, memory/learning, and protects against UV radiation.

RED RASPBERRY LEAF TEA (Rubus idaeus, R occidentalis)

For over 200 years in the United States, raspberry leaf tea has been prescribed as a uterine tonic. It's known to increase blood flow to the uterus and aid uterine muscle fibers in more organized contraction. It's also used to prevent miscarriage, ease morning sickness, decrease discomfort in prodromal labor, return the uterus to its normal tone and increase the quality of breast milk while nursing.

The luteal phase happens after ovulation and before day one of your next cycle. Red raspberry leaf tea benefits the luteal phase of the cycle by thickening the uterine wall in preparation for implantation. From prenatal to postnatal, Raspberry Leaf Tea is one of our favorite herbal teas to help make you a mama and nourish you throughout motherhood.

Studies have documented its safety, with a randomized-controlled trial of 192 women that showed no adverse effects to mother or baby. Despite this, we often change doses (# of cups/day) for our patients during the first trimester because of it's direct effect on the uterus.

Therapeutic Actions. Anti-inflammatory, slows bleeding (mild hemostatic), reduces nausea/vomiting (anti-emetic), calms (relaxant), promotes healthy flow of breast milk (galactagogue), and restores the uterus after labor (trophorestorative)

HERBAL MEDICINE EXPERTS | Build your Fertility Team

Licensed Acupuncturists that are Board Certified in herbal medicine are among the most highly qualified medical providers to offer recommendations on the use of potent fertility herbs. Your health and fertility journey is important; make sure to look for an acupuncturist with the credentials DIPL.OM, DACM, or DAOM to ensure you're getting the best care from the most qualified providers.

Get a personalized Care Plan based on your goals, medical history, and current symptoms. Your plan will include the best fertility tonics and medicinal tea with cycle specific dosage recommendations to boost your spirit, health and baby making power.


*Get Dr K's Medicinal Mix tea blend of GIRL POWER (Red raspberry leaf + Rose) in the clinic


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